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Public buildings

Funcionalty is equally important to beauty!

 We look forward to creating our plant decorations for educational institutions, goverment offices, healthcare facilities as well as in the private sector.
Specific aspects to consider when decorating in public buildings:
  • Natural colored plant containers promote a smoothing athmosphere.
  • The stability of our plants and planters is extremely important. We use large bases to stabilize tall plants.
  • In pre and primary schools we would never consider using harmful plants.


Why choose us?
  • LIGET provides more than just a horticultural service. It is real partnership, built on understanding and trust.
  • Our design team can create a visional presentation with digital images that will allow you to experience the transformation.
  • We use premium quality materials.
  • Our contract guarantees all our services.
  • Our team of horticultural specialists maintain your plants, flowers and decor.
  • We work without disturbing the flow of your place.
For more about our service programs:

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