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Plants and floral decor for your hotel

Create a cosy athmosphere in your hotel with tropical plants!
Hotels are home for travellers durng their stay in a foreign country. To win their liking varous details have to be organised, interior design is a very important factor. Proper plant and planter selection is a part of it.
Important things to consider when creating plant decoration for a hotel:
  • Architects view plant and planter combinations as design elements. They can help directing attention to parts of the lobby.
  • Details are important: tropical plants have their own characteristics. They fit different styles just like furniture.
  • Plants clean the air and promote a healthier indoor environment.
  • Fresh cut flowers on your reception is a welcoming gesture for visitors

Why choose us?


  • We use premium quality materials.
  • Our contract guarantees all our services.
  • Our team of horticultural specialists maintain your plants, flowers and decor.
  • We work without disturbing the flow of your place.


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