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Katalin Hlatky
Katalin Hlatky Tecnical Director

As a landscape architect and lead designer Katalin has years of experience and success.  In her early years she worked for several landscape architecture firms and gained valuable experience.  In 1993  she was appointed general manager at Design Studio of Central Landscaping in Budapest.  She left in 1998 to start her own company, Liget Terv.  Many gardens, parks and recreation  areas designed by LIGET can be seen in and around Budapest and Hungary.  In 2001 Katalin published Budapesti Zöldkalauz, a book showing each and every park of Budapest.  

Sarolta Komlós
Sarolta Komlós Sales Represetative

After completing her studies in economics in 2006 she worked for some years for a multinational company in Budapest. Here she aquired a great deal of knowledge and experience especially in the field of B2B marketing.

Since 2009 she has been responsible for sales and marketing activities at LIGET Plantscaping. Her hobby is floristry.